A QuickTile is a direct geo-registered projection of your drone's imagery, usually overlaid onto the geo-registered reference image. All processing is performed in the field, without an internet connection required.  Depending on the number of images and the computer running the process, it takes about 1-5 minutes to produce a QuickTile.  QuickTile is a great scouting tool that's generally accurate to within a few meters and considered a viable data product for making many in-field decisions. A QuickTile will usually show "jagged" because of the way it's constructed; however, QuickTiles are incredibly useful for quickly assessing trends in overall field health or for verifying that imagery has been correctly captured before leaving the field.

A QuickTile is not a fully-stitched product, but it's quick and it's free! Results should not be compared to the outputs of Pix4D or other full-stitch solutions that are also available through Sentera software platforms.  Full-stitch products are more expensive in time and dollars to produce. Full-stitch solutions are wonderful next steps for a data set when higher geolocalization accuracy or aesthetics are important.

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