From time to time, things can happen when interacting with your DJI drone. Here is a list of common issues that arise, and some tips on how to resolve them.

DJI Message: "Drone Marked Mission as Complete"

DJI returns this message to the app periodically, and often incorrectly.

DJI Message: "Low Battery"

Carefully note the text here, DJI will issue this warning in more situations than simply a low battery. We have seen this warning when a battery's firmware is out of date, or when there is a critical issue inside the battery.

DJI Message: "Home Point not Recorded Yet"

DJI sends this error back to our app when the drone doesn't yet have GPS, and therefore can't record the home point prior to the mission start. If you see this issue, just wait a minute or two after powering on the drone, and then you can try again.

DJI Message: "Camera is busy or the command is not supported in the camera's current state"

We see this most commonly in the following situations.

1. The plastic gimbal support is still attached to the drone during flight.

2. The foam gimbal support is still attached to the drone during flight.

3. The MicroSD card is full.

4. The mission is very low (100ft or less), fast (15m/s), and flown with high overlap. In this case, pictures are being requested faster than they can be written to the SD card.

5. The SD card is old. We recommend newer, U3 rated SD cards capable of writing 4K video.