I can't log in.

Your account may not be up to date, or you may need to reset your password.

1. Visit fieldagent.sentera.com and log in. You may also reset your password here.

2. If your account has expired, update your payment information through the "Profile" link.  Please contact support@sentera.com or 612-204-2000 for a link to your Profile page.

I can't connect to the drone.

1. Shut off the drone and hand controller.

2. Hard close the app. (Double tap the home button on your iOS device, swipe the app up to hard close it.)

3. Power on the hand controller, then the drone, then launch FieldAgent™.

I'm getting error warnings in the app.

DJI drones issue a variety of warnings to the app through the course of usage. For more information, please see this article about DJI Warnings & Errors.

Still stuck?

1. Tap the gear icon, and press "Email Support Log".

2. Add a short description of the problem you're experiencing.

3. A support representative will be in contact with you shortly.

4. You may also email support@sentera.com.