Survey Definition

A survey is a collection of images, QuickTiles, and mosaics. You define the content of the survey during the very first step of the import process.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Prepare your Imagery

Gather all the imagery you would like to compile into one survey. Generally, this is an RGB and NIR set of images from one field captured at the same time. You will import folders of imagery in the next step. Typically, you'll have a NIR folder from your Sentera MicroSD card, and a folder called "100MEDIA" from your DJI MicroSD card.

**Note for DJI Imagery: DJI does not separate pictures by flight like the Sentera sensors do. If you have more than one flight's worth of imagery on your MicroSD card, you should copy images from unique flights into separate folders.


Step 2: Create Surveys

Click the "Create Surveys" button on the top left of the FieldAgent™ desktop application.

Step 3: Add Images to the Survey

Click "Add" and select the folder containing the RGB images you wish to bring into the survey.

Repeat for the NIR images.

Click "Next"

Step 4: Confirm

FieldAgent™ will scan the images you selected and confirm back to you what you're adding to the survey. Review the confirmation and, if everything appears correct, click "Next".

Step 5: Boundaries and Fields

This screen shows a geographic preview of all your photos, and into which fields they'll be imported.  FieldAgent™ matches the photo dot color to the destination field's boundary color.  FieldAgent™ will only import photos that are enclosed by a single field boundary, so make sure to match up boundaries and photos.

Field Boundaries:

If this is your first time at the field, FieldAgent™ has created a field boundary based on the dot pattern of the photos you're importing. 

If you've been here before, you'll see the existing field boundary and your photo dots overlayed on top. You can adjust the boundary to enclose any photo dots you wish. Do this by hovering over the survey tile at the bottom and selecting "edit boundary". Note that field boundary changes made here will not overwrite your previously saved boundaries, so you may feel free to make edits.

Photo Dot Color Key:

Green -- Photos will be imported into the survey.

Red -- Photos are not matched to a survey, and will not be imported.

Orange -- Photos belong to multiple surveys.  FieldAgent™ doesn't know which survey you want these dots in, and they will not be imported until you ensure they're enclosed by a single boundary.

Step 6: View Results

When you're done with Step 5, hit "Next" and FieldAgent™ will create your survey and present a confirmation dialog. You may click any survey in this list and be taken directly to it to view the results.