This is a complete guide to importing and viewing your first data set.

Double click on the FieldAgent™ Icon on your desktop or taskbar. Enter your email and password, then select SIGN IN.
Click on the CREATE SURVEYS button to start the import process.

** First-time users may wish to watch the video displayed at the very first step of the importer! This video has all the information required to successfully import photos. PLAY VIDEO

The New Survey(s) dialog box will display. Select ADD to open the File Explorer.

Using the file explorer, browse to the location of the images you would like to import. Generally, this will be a file located on the MicroSD card you have plugged into your computer or the location on your computer to which you've copied the files.

Sentera Sensor Photos (Singles, Double4Ks):
Navigate to the "snapshots" folder and select the folder of the flight you would like to import. With the survey folder selected click the SELECT FOLDER button at the bottom of the dialog box.

DJI Photos:
Navigate to the "DCIM" folder and select the "100MEDIA" folder. With the folder selected, click the SELECT FOLDER button at the bottom of the dialog box.
**Note: DJI does not separate images by flight like Sentera sensors do. Make sure this folder contains only the images you want (i.e., the flight you want).

If the folders are selected properly a progress bar will automatically display detailing the import status.

FieldAgent™ will now display the number and type of images that will be imported. Select which photos you would like to process and click NEXT.

The Photo & Boundary Confirmation screen will appear. This will allow you to edit exactly which photos you want to include in this survey. If the default boundary is correct, select NEXT.

This completes the import process. You will be able to immediately view the images by clicking on the photo dots. A QuickTile® of the images will automatically generate, and when complete you can view them by checking the checkbox in the left navigation pane.

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