The Omni is an inspection, ag and mapping drone that can operate in user-assisted and fully-autonomous modes. 

Omni integrates a fully gimbaled Sentera Double 4K sensor on the front of the aircraft. This sensor's field of view ranges from straight down to straight upwards. Two zoom levels (Inspection Unit), or simultaneous capture of high-resolution RGB, NIR, and NDVI data (Agricultural Unit) make Omni a perfect tool for inspection, survey & mapping, agriculture or any other applications in which high-precision data from various aspect angles are required.    Uniquely, Omni can also accommodate an additional DJI Zenmuse-compatible sensor, which enables scenarios like single-flight, simultaneous RGB, NDVI, and thermal data capture.  More details on the different Omni Configurations as well as how to purchase the Omni can be found on the Sentera website.  

Information on the Omni can be found in the detailed user manual attached below or can be navigated through this website by following the "Next" links located at the bottom of each tutorial page.  

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