Refer to the image below for the charging setup of the Omni Batteries and DJI Hand Controller.


  • Charging Cable and included AC/DC converter box.
  • DJI Hand Controller
  • Charging Hub
  • DJI TD47D or TD48D Intelligent Flight Battery


  • Connect Charing Cable (1) to a wall outlet, 110V.
  • Ensure AC/DC Converter box (1) is attached to the second half of the charging cable.
  • Connect round plug of the charging cable (1) to the DJI Hand Controller (2).
  • Open rectangular plug on the charging cable (1) and connect to the Charging Hub (3)
  • Connect Battery or Batteries to Charging Hub

Note: The connector at location D can alternatively be plugged in directly to a battery. The Charging Hub is useful when charging more than one battery.

Charge Status: 

Both the DJI Hand Controller and Intelligent Flight Battery have LEDs to indicate their charge status. To activate the Status LEDs, press the respective integrated power button ONE time.

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