There are two battery compartments located on the Omni vehicle; one on top and one on the bottom. To install a battery, ensure the battery is off, and then firmly push the battery into its battery compartment. 


  • Use only DJI TB47D and TB48D batteries with the Omni system. 
  • If a battery is found to be swollen, do not force into the battery compartment. 
  • Be aware of battery temperature when the air temperature is below 5°C (41° Fahrenheit).
  • Remove batteries from battery compartments during transport in the case.


To turn the batteries on or off, press the power button once, then press again and hold for 2 seconds. Upon powering the aircraft, feedback will be given to the user via a short “powering up chime”. The opposite of the chime will sound when the vehicle is powered down.



The aircraft can be flown with either one or two batteries:

  • If flown with only ONE battery, that battery must be installed in the TOP battery compartment.
  • If flown with TWO batteries, the TOP battery must be powered on BEFORE the bottom battery.

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