In order to perform basic gimbal controls, such as zoom, tilt, snapshots, or choosing which camera is streaming live video, the gimbal hand controller must be connected to the Omni Vehicle. To do this, the Ground Control Station(GCS) must be powered on and connected to the aircraft as detailed in the GCS Setup instructions.

Once the gimbal hand controller is powered on using the Power On/Off button shown below the light around the button should remain solid. This indicates the gimbal controller is connected properly to the GCS.

Note: If the power light is blinking this indicates the hand controller is not linked properly to the GCS.  Ensure the GCS is powered on and that the included USB stick is inserted into the bottom of the GCS as detailed in the GCS Setup instructions.


The camera overlay will appear on the screen when an image is taken by the onboard Sentera Double 4K gimbal. The number indicates which camera is taking a picture. As shown in the above picture, a snapshot can be triggered by pressing the “A” button on the black gimbal controller. Images are stored on the onboard SD Card.

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