The Omni System is built on the DJI M100 Drone system. Below is a very basic guide to flying this drone. For more detailed instructions, see the DJI M100 Manual.

Install a mobile device in the white DJI hand controller and power on as detailed in the article, DJI Hand Controller Setup

Before flying:

    1. Check the vehicle for damage

    2. Ensure the flight area is safe for take-off

    3. Power on vehicle

    4. Launch the DJI Go App and wait for the video stream to commence

    5. Check the DJI App for errors and address accordingly

    6. Update Home Point and RTH(Return to Home) Altitude.

    7. Run through the pre-flight checklist.

If in a new location or if prompted by the DJI Go App, perform a compass calibration. See the article Compass Calibration.

When ready to fly, start the motors and take off by following the “Starting Motors” and “Taking Off” instructions below. Once in the air, use the “In Flight Controls” to change the position of the vehicle as desired.

When ready to land, hold the left stick down as shown, until the motors turn off.


White DJI hand controller should be in P-Mode for manual flight. (Switch is at top left corner of controller)


Either of the following commands can be used to start or stop the motors at any point. This is almost exclusively reserved for when the vehicle is touching the ground but is also capable of being be performed in flight.

Unless deemed the only option in an emergency, DO NOT PERFORM THIS COMMAND IN FLIGHT. The vehicle will fall out of the air, without chance of recovery.

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