Images and video taken with a Zenmuse camera can be quickly viewed in the DJI app by pressing either the playback button in the bottom right corner of the screen or the physical playback button on the white DJI hand controller. From there the images can be downloaded directly to the device running DJI Go app.

Images and video can also be downloaded and viewed on a computer. To do this, remove the SD card from the Zenmuse camera and insert into a computer. The SD card folder can be found on the computer and the files can be downloaded or viewed.

Zenmuse XT

The images and video from the SD card of a Zenmuse XT can also be edited to apply different filters or analyzed to determine the warmest and coolest locations of an image in the Flir Tools Desktop application. 

Flir Tools Desktop Download Page

Refer to the Flir software documentation for full instructions and capabilities for the Flir Tools Desktop application.

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