NOTE: Customers who receive FieldAgentâ„¢ through our dealer network should contact the dealer directly to change subscription terms. The below actions are applicable only to Sentera-direct customers.

To modify your subscription, you'll first need to log in to the billing portal. You can do this by completing the below steps.

1. Visit and log in.

2. Click "Admin" in the upper right.

3. Click the "Billing/Licenses" tab in the lefthand navigation menu.

4. Click the link on the right to visit your "Billing Portal".

Once there, complete the following steps.

1. Click "Configure" on the "Plan Details" line, next to your FieldAgentâ„¢.

2. Change the number of Pro subscriptions as desired.

3. Click "Preview Changes" and review the confirmation for accuracy.

4. Click "Save Changes" to complete the change.