NDVI-equipped drones can map crop health across entire fields in a matter of minutes. With NDVI data you can identify areas of stress in your field, often days before you can detect it with your eye. Stress is caused by a number of factors, which is why there is no substitute for you (or your trusted advisor) to get your boots in the field. However, a Sentera drone can tell you where to put your boots first.

An NDVI-equipped drone can help you protect and optimize your plots.

  • Monitor plant populations
  • Identify weed areas & stress
  • Visualize irrigation stress in plant tissues
  • Track irrigator performance
  • Identify pooling water & drown outs
  • Count acres of hail, wind, and animal damage
  • Assess herbicide & fertilizer performance
  • Monitor equipment performance, such as irrigators, sprayers, and planters.

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