Please follow the following steps to connect your Windows device to the Omni Comms Box.  

Step Description Action
1 Ensure the OMNI GCS is setup and connected to the OMNI vehicle as detailed in the Omni GCS Setup section.  The Windows device will need to connect directly to the OMNI GCS to stream any video.

2 Select the Windows WiFi settings typically located in the bottom right taskbar of most Windows devices.
3 Select the Omni Comms Box you want to stream video from.  
4 Once the desired Omni Comms Box is selected, select Connect.
5 On the first connection, users will be prompted to enter the password for the Omni Comms Box.  The password for the Omni Comms Box is the serial number of the Omni Comms Box entered twice.

For this example, the serial number is 0038.  Therefore the password should be entered as:  00380038

Once the password is entered select Next to connect to the Omni Comms Box.

6 Once connected you should be able to launch Field Stream by double-clicking on the Omni Live Video file as shown.  
7 If connected to a vehicle that is streaming video the video should display automatically. If no video is displayed and the error shown at right is present for more than 30-60 seconds attempt to kill the Field Stream application and restart.  Also, verify you are still connected to the Omni Comms Box.  

If you encounter further issues, please contact Sentera Support for additional help.

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