Sentera supports streaming video from the Omni Comms Box using the commonly used VLC media player.  To use VLC, download the VLC application for Windows, iOS, or Android as needed.  Follow the installation instructions to install the VLC media player.

Once VLC is installed, ensure the Omni Comms Box is setup properly.  

Also, ensure you are connected to the Omni Comms Box over WiFi:

iOS WiFi connection

Windows WiFi Connection

Once the Comms Box is setup, and the WiFi connection has been setup and you are connected properly, you will need to configure VLC to stream the Double4k video by selecting Media-> Open Network Stream...

Select the Network tab and enter the following configuration: tcp://

Select Play to begin streaming video.

If connected to a vehicle that is streaming video the video should display automatically. If no video is displayed within 30-60 seconds and you are sure the WiFi connection and vehicle are enabled and streaming, try to restart the VLC application.  Also, verify you are still connected to the Omni Comms Box.  

If you encounter further issues, please contact Sentera Support for additional help.