DO NOT Perform This Command In Flight

Either of the following commands can be used to start or stop the motors. This is almost exclusively reserved for starting the motors but is also capable of being be performed in flight. Unless deemed the only option in an emergency, DO NOT PERFORM THIS COMMAND IN FLIGHT. The vehicle will fall out of the air without chance of recovery.

Lost Link

If communication between the white DJI hand controller and the vehicle is lost, the vehicle will go to the set return-to-home (RTH) altitude and return to the set home location. While the vehicle is returning home, maintain visual contact and attempt to troubleshoot.

  • Power the hand controller on and off.
  • Point antennas up and
  • Maintain line of sight between controller and vehicle.

To enhance the chances of a safe return-to-home (RTH):

  • Before flying, ensure the home point is set to an open area, safe for landing. ┬áThe home point can be updated mid-flight.
  • Set RTH altitude higher than any objects in the surrounding area with room for error. The vehicle does not have sensors installed to avoid objects when returning home.

Undesired & Abnormal Flight Behavior

Abnormal flight behavior is most commonly attributed to compass errors.

To attempt to avoid compass errors:

  • Check the DJI Go app for warnings and errors before the flight.
  • Calibrate the compass when flying in a new location.
  • Back away or climb away from interfering objects.

If the drone is not flying as planned or in an undesired manner and cannot be resolved in other ways, switch the white DJI hand controller into A-mode and attempt to land manually as soon as possible.


If there is a medical emergency with any involved personnel, flight operations should cease and emergency responders should be contacted.

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