Download the latest version of Sentera Ground Control software v1.2.1-339 for the Sentera PHX fixed wing drone.  Run the installer on your Window's laptop to install fresh or update an existing installation.

Sentera Ground Control Download Link

Version 1.2.1 release notes:

  • Fixed a bug affecting the terrain database and maps.  Users must delete and re-download their offline maps after installing this update.
  • Streamlined Pre-flight Checklist.
  • New "Place landing at vehicle location" button in the Fixed Wing Landing Pattern tool.
  • Miscellaneous improvements.

Version 1.2.0 release notes:

  • New built-in pre-flight checklist.
  • Improved Landing Pattern graphics in both Plan and Fly screens.
  • Easier to adjust altitude immediately when Pausing the mission.
  • Easier to immediately GoTo a Hold position anywhere by clicking on the map and sliding to confirm while in flight (maintains current altitude, distance limits apply).
  • New Corridor Scan flight pattern available.
  • Option to fly alternate transects in Survey to improve mapping efficiency.
  • Circular Survey patterns now supported.
  • Import KML and Shape files to create survey patterns (for shape files use a Shape-to-KML converter first).
  • Geofence maximum distance and altitude can now be adjusted by the user on a per flight basis.
  • Geofence circle now shows in both Plan and Fly screens when the vehicle has a Home position.
  • Terrain database available for online and offline use.
  • Waypoints can have altitude relative to Home or altitude above terrain.
  • Survey and Corridor Scan patterns can follow terrain.
  • Confirmation sliders are now white for easier readability outdoors.
  • Miscellaneous other improvements.