Download the latest autopilot firmware (Sentera-PHX-Pro-Firmware-113.exe) linked below.

1) Power on vehicle and commsbox, verify they are connected to each other by seeing a full bar of lights on the back of the commsbox (takes ~ 1 minute to connect).

2) Connect the Windows laptop to the commsbox using wired Ethernet (highly recommended) or the using the commsbox's Wi-Fi network with a password.

3) Run the autopilot firmware updater (download the latest .exe linked below).  Monitor progress, it may take 5-10 minutes to complete.  If there is an error during installation, close and re-run the updater.  Use the wired Ethernet connection to the commsbox to reduce the chance of needing to re-run the updater.

4) Once the firmware installation completes successfully, close the updater application window.

5) Re-boot the vehicle by removing the battery and re-installing the battery.

6) Launch Sentera Ground Control and verify aircraft connects normally.