See the attached video for a short demonstration of the recommended hand launch technique for Phoenix Pro.

Launch Technique

Always launch into the wind.  Only a slight crosswind component is allowed.  Hold the aircraft wings level above your head.  Point the nose straight toward or just above the horizon.  Shake the aircraft forward once to start the motor.  Take 1 step forward to gain momentum and then firmly push the aircraft straight forward without stopping.  Push harder than the propeller is pulling.  If the aircraft does not detect flight after 2 seconds the motor will stop, so push the aircraft to launch it immediately after motor start.  In zero wind a more vigorous push or jog will be necessary to gain enough airspeed.  Always launch with a >95% full battery for maximum launch thrust.

WARNING: Be sure to keep hands and other body parts away from the propeller at all times.  Do not pull the propeller back near your face or any other part of your body.

Phoenix Hand Launch Summary:

•    Shake once to start motor

•    Step forward and push immediately after motor start

•    Push harder than the propeller is pulling

•    Always into the wind

•    Wings level with the horizon

•    Nose slightly up