Users outside of the United States may occasionally encounter localization issues with FieldAgent™. Because of a large number of possible localization settings around the world, these issues can be difficult for us to detect. We want our software to work well anywhere in the world, so please notify if you encounter a localization error so that we can fix it!
To immediately work around localization issues, make the following changes to Microsoft Windows settings:
Select Settings > Time & language > Additional date, time and regional settings > Change date, time or number formats.

  1. Change the Decimal symbol to a "." instead of a "," and change the List separator to a “,” vs. a “.”.
  2. You can find the List Separator by going into settings, Time & language, Additional date, time & regional settings, change date, time and number format, Additional settings.
  3. Change the Decimal symbol to a "."
  4. Change the List Separator to a “,” and click on “OK”
  5. You may need to reboot your PC for the new settings to take effect.