After importing images into FieldAgent™ many users want to order a full mosaic if the images.  When they go to the imported Survey Date and select the Gear Icon, there is no option to order a Mosaic. This is the result of the Field not being fully synced with the Cloud Servers.  

How to confirm the Field is synced.

1.) In the Field View screen click on the Field Details button in the lower right corner

2.) View the status of either "Partially Synced" or "Synced"

Partially Synced

1.) Click on the on the Sync button in to of FieldAgent™ and let it finish.

2.) Check the Field Details again.

3.) If Synced, you should now be able to order a mosaic.

4.) If not Synced try the Sync button again repeat steps 2 and 3.

If you are still having issues contact Support at Sentera.