Sentera technical support representative may ask you to access the autopilot SDcard to download detailed flight logs and statistics.  Here are instructions how to access the autopilot SDcard

1) Remove the tail from the fuselage.  Carefully lift the tail up and lay to the side without unplugging the servo wire.  There are 3 screws: small screw on top, big plastic screw, and a big steel screw.

2) Remove the autopilot SDcard.  Press the SDcard into the slot to activate the spring retention (same when re-installing the SDcard).

3) Copy any files off the SDcard onto your computer as instructed by the Sentera technical support representative.

4) Put the copied files into a compress ZIP folder and email or file-transfer to the Sentera technical support representative.

5) Install the SDcard back into the autopilot.

6) CAREFULLY re-attach the tail.  Pay special attention to the antenna that it does not get bent by the tail.  The antenna fits up into a small channel in the tail and if it is not positioned exactly right it will get bent by the tail when installing.

7) re-install the 3 screws in the same locations they were in before (see images above).