The Single Sensor Gimbal for Phantom 4 adds the ability to compensate for drone pitch and roll caused by vehicle dynamics or wind, resulting in photos that are more consistently pointed to nadir (directly below the drone).

Single Sensor Gimbal for Phantom 4

When powering on the system before any flight, ensure the vehicle is stationary while the initial calibration is performed.  The gimbal will freeze in position during this calibration step.  Three beeps signal that the calibration is complete and the UAV is ready to fly.  The push button on the side of the gimbal control circuit card can be pressed to toggle the gimbal freeze mode.

The "Single Sensor Gimbal Upgrade Installation Manual" may be downloaded using the link below. This document outlines the tools and procedures required for successful installation.

Note: The gimbal is only compatible with the latest generation Sentera Single cameras.  These cameras can be identified by the 3 lights on the side of the camera or the part number, 21011.