To make full use of the update, three steps must be performed:

  1. Download and install the update
  2. Update the DJI Skyport Firmware on the AGX710
  3. Modify the config file to use the correct session start and triggering
  4. Fly using Field Agent w/ AGX-710 selected

Download and Install the Update

Download the latest update from here:

Double 4k 0.21.1 Firmware

You will need to click on the Download icon the top right corner.

This will download the entire file exactly how it is needed.

        1. Download the firmware update file

        2. Remove the SD card from the AGX-710 camera.

        3. Copy the “” to the /firmware folder on the SD card.

            - Do NOT unzip the file, copy the entire zip file to the folder

        4. Insert the SD card into the camera.

        5. Power on the system.

        6. The AGX-710 camera will automatically reboot 2-3 times and its LED will blink rapidly while the update is being applied.

        7. Wait for the LED at the bottom of the camera to turn solid or blinking green.

        8. Power off the system.

        9. Remove the SD card from the camera.

       10. View the “/info/info.txt” file on the memory card.

       11. Verify that the Filesystem Version is 0.21.1 to confirm that the update was successfully applied.

       12. Insert the SD card into the camera. The update is complete.

Update the DJI Skyport Firmware

        1. If it is not already installed, install DJI Assistant for Matrice.  

            • Note that the installer on the DJI webpage is currently broken, you can get a working version of DJI Assistant here

            • DJI Assistant for Matrice 2.0.2 Download

        2. Connect the USB A-A cable to the M210 and your PC

        3. Ensure the USB switch on the back of the system is set to 'PC'

        4. Power on the M210 system

        5. Start ''DJI Assistant 2 for Matrice"

        6. Connect to the M210

        7. Select the SKYPORT tab from the menu on the left

        8. In the SKYPORT tab, look for the 'Upgrade' button

            • If the button says 'No need to upgrade' then the latest version is already installed (see step 11 image)

            • If the button is blue and says an update is required, continue on to the next steps

        9. Wait for the update to finish

        10. Click off of the SKYPORT tab, then back to it to update the version display

        11. The screen should indicate version V01.00.900

      12. The SKYPORT firmware update is complete

Update the config.yml file

Changing the config.yml file will make it so the system waits for a valid GPS time before starting a session. This will resolve the issue with incorrect timestamps on the AGX-710. If you have not yet updated your config file to use trigger commands from the most recent Field Agent app, then now is a good time to update this as well.

       1. Remove the SDCard from the camera and insert it into a PC

       2. Open the config.yml file located in the root of the SDCard

      3. Search for the SessionType: field.  What setting you use depends on the platform:

          • AGX-710 w/ Deere RTK :Leave the session type as GPS_FIX (All caps)

          • AGX-710 :Change the SessionType to TIME_FIX (All caps)

      4. If you have not yet updated your config file to use Field Agent Triggering, then also change the following

          • Scroll to the bottom of the file and look for the TriggerType: field

          • Change the TriggerType to COMMAND (All caps)

        5. Save the file

        6. Remove the SDcard from your PC and install it back into the camera

Fly using Field Agent w/ AGX-710 selected

Finally, when flying with Field Agent, be sure to select the AGX-710 payload from the options.

If the correct camera is not selected, then the system will not trigger images.